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Homemade Herbal Chicken 自家牌药材鸡 (750g)
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Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 15 cm x 5 cm
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食用前, 用沸水将鸡连同油纸一起蒸约十分钟后, 才立刻把纸拔掉。
记得水滚开了 才放入鸡哦,不必把纸拔掉。

Before consuming, use hot boiling water to steam the chicken without peeling off the outer paper layer, steam it for 5-10minutes and immediately tear off the paper right after steaming. 
* do not tear off the paper before steaming * 

Ingredients : salt, chinese herbs : dong gui, goji berry. 

We use Kampung chicken and we salt baked the chicken with traditional homestyle. Chinese Herbs used in the chicken are top quality , it brings out the taste and smell of the chicken. 
The meat is tender, well seasoned with aromas of the herbs and salt. You can feel the juiciness of the chicken. Please remember the trick is to steam it with wrappers on for a mere 5-10minutes, and serve immediately.

我们采用甘榜鸡 + 家乡式盐焗。鸡肉带有盐香及药材香味!